Our Mission

Summit Assets Group is a real estate investing and development company.  Our mission is to help investors minimize their risk and costly mistakes and maximize their returns. We are passionate about the value of real estate and the immense potential it has to provide a secure financial foundation for investors and their families.

We are also passionate about helping families experience the joy of home ownership and accomplish something they never thought possible.

Together we can transform the core needs of families for housing into dreams realized for future generations. We can produce a thriving US economy one homeowner or family at a time.

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Summit Assets Group Core Values and Guiding Principles

  • Integrity – Summit can be counted on to produce promised results on time.
  • Compassion – Summit operates with a deep awareness of its clients and investors concerns
  • Creativity – Summit will always invent solution and tactics called for in the moment.
  • Can-Do winning attitude – Summit believes results can always be accomplished in some way.
  • Innovative – Summit approaches all projects with a perspective to produce a solution either from what is known and proven or by producing something that has not been seen before.
  • Solution orientation – The work of Summit is to be passionate about what we do and to produce extraordinary results.
  • Family/Team players – To work for Summit is to be a part of a family and be a productive member of our team.

Lori Greymont, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Lori Greymont, Founder and CEO

Lori founded Summit in 2009 in light of the REO opportunity and has grown the business into a vibrant turnkey purveyor of dependable passive income investments.

Lori is the owner and visionary of one of the country’s leading real estate communities, SJREI Association, and publisher of REI Voice Magazine. SJREI is noted for winning the highly prestigious “National REIA Annual Award for Excellence” in 2011 for best overall Real Estate Investors Association, and for receiving numerous Honors of Merit awards. REI Voice Magazine received the 2011 Honor of Merit Award for Printed Communications.

Lori has over 25 years of real estate and entrepreneurial experience.  She grew up in the family environment of real estate investing and has been buying and selling real estate personally since 1987. Her experience includes various strategies such as fix-and-flip strategies, land banking, land to vertical development, rezoning, multifamily, single family sales, syndication, creating and buying notes. She also has vast experience buying, selling, and managing properties nationwide.

Lori graduated Cum Laude from Moorhead State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and minor in Computer Science.

“Lori Greymont coaches people new to the business of bulk REOs and seller-financing. She and her team have the skill and patience teach people how to succeed.  I like her because she’s a down to earth person who gives great advice.”—Odell Barnes

Timothy C. Morris, Chief Operating Officer

Timothy C. Morris Photo

Tim Morris, PhD

Tim Morris is an accomplished senior operations executive with significant experience in start-up organizational design, strategic business planning, corporate restructuring, collaborative joint ventures, and financial management. Tim has held executive level positions with a medical university, Fortune 500 hospital facility and a real estate brokerage.

Tim has earned a strong reputation for his ability to deliver rapid turn-around of operation teams while maintaining financial performance. Among his strong leadership talents, Tim makes tough, realistic decisions about priorities and operational challenges with a minimum of interpersonal friction.

Turnkey Property Passive Income

Turnkey Property Passive Income

Dependable passive monthly income and capital appreciation from quality investment properties. Enjoy the benefits of real estate ownership without all the hassles.

Give Me Property Access

Private Lending Passive Income

Safely enjoy the high returns and  dependable monthly passive income of real estate without being a landlord. We pay aggressive rates on 1-5 year loans, secured by RE.

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Wholesale Properties

For active real estate investors who want to buy below market value and then fix and flip or fix and hold.  We find investment grade properties in high value markets.

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