Here is just some of the feedback we’ve received from our clients. We are happy to supply referrals on a confidential basis.

Mark Gagner

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the phenomenal support you and your team have provided me on the 3 Atlanta, GA homes I purchased from SAG in 2012. Not only have they performed as advertised, but the new small issues that arose in the past year since my purchase, your team has resolved quickly and painlessly.

I really appreciate the support, and can enthusiastically say that Summit Assets Group truly lives up to your tag lines of “hassle free real estate investing” AND “dependable passive monthly income”. I am a VERY satisfied customer.

Alex Johnstone

Hello Dan and Team,

There is no way that I would have been able to put together my portfolio myself over the (short) time that it took to get the properties purchased and “on line” through Summit. Your service has been a tremendous value-add for me. I would probably still be struggling with one property (if any at all) at this point if it weren’t for the Summit team. Not to mention the fact that locating properties in good locations would have been a real “hit-and-miss” proposition in itself. I view the Summit team as a huge “risk mitigation” factor in my strategy and decisions.

Thank you to all of you for making this happen!

Best Regards,

David Eoff

Lori, Annie, Dan, Michael-
Just wanted you to know that my latest purchase is rented and they will move in this weekend. ($850 / mo.) . She said that the school dist.** was key to the move. You rehabbed and we had it rented in about 2 months. Impressive!

Linda B. also said that there have been many showings for Lindsey. It is slowly but surely coming together. You are a GREAT TEAM!

Thank you, David

**NOTE FROM LORI: This was a house in Conyers. The press is still talking about the school scandal of 2 years ago but the school district cleaned house and is under high scrutiny. It is local facts like this that you can’t find on the internet! David trusted me on this and it was confirmed by the tenant.

Jeff Pollack

If you want to succeed in real estate (or anything else for that matter) you need to find a good mentor. Working with somebody who has “been there and done that” will greatly increase your likelihood of success and reduce the time required for you to achieve success. Lori has “been there and done that.” She has extensive experience with virtually every aspect of real estate. Along with her knowledge she brings the enthusiasm and accountability needed to help drive your success. In the end you are still responsible for your own success, but mentoring with Lori will definitely help you get there.

Preston Ely

It’s finally time to make boat loads of money with cash flow real estate. And the best part is you can have someone else do all the work and just sit back and collect the monthly checks. How cool is that?

Now if you’re the type of person that wants to sleep soundly at night and not have to worry about your investment, then you need to talk to Lori at Summit Assets Group. Lori and her team find markets where you can get super duper cash flow in areas with a strong economy, excellent schools, and low crime. They find undervalued homes, fix em up for you, put a tenant in, and boom you start collecting your monthly checks in no time at all. Oh yeah, and her team provides amazing support throughout the whole process too 🙂

This is the best opportunity of our generation to make a killing with cash flow properties. It won’t last long. The smart money is buying. Don’t wait or you’ll miss the boat.

Carolyn Wheeler

Thank you so much, Susan. I really appreciate the warmth from you & the other Summit staff; it means a lot to me. I was glad to be able to visit w/ you more, especially on the bus tour. Compared to investing & working alone it is much better all around. I am honored to be part of your team.

I really appreciate what you are all doing to create a great investing opportunity for people & a product I can believe in & support w/ my heart. Warmly, Carolyn

David Eoff

Meeting the team (Susan Linda, Jason, Chris, Robert, and so many others) with everyone excited about being the team, really made the trip. And has me feeling great about picking all of you for my investment partners.

I can see why Lori talks so highly of everyone.

Taking the tour and having conversations with so many was awesome… I wanted it to go on for days.

I sincerely hope that you do this again.

Best, David Eoff

Jeff Pollack

I have found the Summit Assets team in general, and Lori Greymont in particular, to be extremely helpful. Lori clearly loves educating investors and has seemingly endless amounts of enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge. Through the Fast Track program I’ve ”learned to fish” so to speak, and am now comfortable striking off on my own to build my real estate holdings.

I have enjoyed Lori’s workshops and learn something new every time I talk with her and especially appreciate her creativity in creating real estate deals. Whether its turn-key investing, training and education, or private financing opportunities Summit Assets provides something for everybody wanting to invest in real estate.

Robert Boni

I originally was put in contact with Summit Assets Group via the internet. I realized that I had to diversify my investments in order to earn more money for living expenses than I could realize with bank deposits or short term bonds. I spoke with a representative of that company and thereafter received a communication from Lori. She showed me some of the properties that she had for sale, and discussed some creative ways of financing their purchase. I have purchased 3 properties since February and am waiting to close on a fourth.

Part of the contract with Summit Assets Group involves property management and remitting the rental payments directly to my bank account. As of today I have no complaints with their service and have been assigned an in-house person to deal with if questions arise. I have found their service to be completely efficient up until now, and I anticipate no problems in the future. Although I am a US citizen, I live in South America, and have had to rely largely on Lori to identify and recommend properties for investment. She has made the acquisition process as painless as possible and I would not hesitate to recommend her company, Summit Assets Group, to any prospective property investor either for property management or property acquisition.

Jennifer Davis


You don’t know how greatful I am for you being a caring individual in my life. I just wanted to let you know that. You can give a man a fish or you can teach a man how to fish for life, and that you have done thank you!


Danny Beit-Or

I have gotten to know Lori through our real estate investments dealing over the past 5-6 years. Over this time I have always found a knowledgeable experienced person and knew it was just matter of time until we work together. During 2011 I have decided to incorporate her program, which for me includes properties, experience and trustworthiness, into the different programs I offer my investors.

Recently Lori had stepped up to the plate and took care of a situation she was not obligated to solve and without even me asking for it – that’s the type of person she is. While I was not surprised to see her step-up and take care of the situation it was nonetheless great to see that she has done it and the way she had handled it. Kudos!

Carolyn Wheeler

I have been attending a wide variety of real estate investor events & trainings since the end of 2004. I have done coaching w/ James Smith’s program & (Rich Dad) Robert Kiyosaki ‘s program and Lori Greymont’s program. I have attended 11 different Real Estate Investor Associations between Novato to San Jose to Sacramento. I have read Lori’s materials, attended her full day seminar twice, done private coaching with her and invested with her. I have supported her in researching properties to consider investing in.

While there are other good people, programs and investment opportunities around, I feel that she offers the most win-win attitude with her business associates. Her coaching demonstrates a level of expertise which surpasses many very experienced investors. Also, very important, the market she has identified in Atlanta brings a significantly better return on investment than many of the markets that other companies are promoting who sell cash flow properties in a variety of areas.

The opportunity to invest in short term notes has given me a way to keep my money working for me at a rate of return that I am happy with, while at the same time being liquid enough that I can be flexible in my plans according to opportunities that I may want to move in as the market continues to unfold in new ways. This is why I am developing the affiliate program opportunity & I am supporting Lori Greymont by hosting an event to feature her as one of 3 speakers at my own expense because I feel that she simply has the best and most honest program around, with the variety of services that I enjoy.

Other companies may sell coaching or cash flow properties or notes, but Summit Assets Group offers all three, while adding the affiliate opportunity to bring in a stream of cash through marketing as well as investing.

Carolyn Wheeler (Cashflow Success Workshop)

The material was presented in a very organized and cohesive manner.

Dani Beit-Or (Cashflow Success Workshop)

Excellent job! Good pace, good and many examples.

Molly Marquez (Cashflow Success Workshop)

It was simple, clear, concise, explanations of real examples, easy to understand – NO double talk – NO FAST TALK – HONEST – direct. I love the role playing and great visual effects.

I always felt this is doable – lots of work by very doable. She wasn’t trying to sell me anything but tryly educating me. Opened my mind to more creative solutions and to think outside the box.

I love the stories.

Todd Track (Cashflow Success Workshop)

Solid well designed course. Lori is an excellent presenter with obvious experience and enthusiasm for what she does!


I want to thank you for becoming my Mentor through these rough times. I acquired an REO tape through a friend……Thinking I was going to be helping out a friend and he was going to help me out with the tape.As time went on we transfered the tape to my LLC,onces I did that I got less and less help on this tape.Than I got reconnected with you having been in real estate over 18yrs.I realized that real estate and real estate investing are two different things because I was in for a rude awakening..

Since signing up with your program I have gone from 15 BADLY managed properties to 7 cashflowing properties ( in July I will have them ALL in contract) I have 3 cashflowing as of today……waiting to record the deeds on the rest of them.

I have learned three main things from being in your program.the first one is How to get the most out of a property whether its selling it as is or rehabbing it. You have to know your market and your EXIT STRATEGY. How to select a TEAM that you can work with and can be confident enough to send MONEY to an out state location. Know that you have to do your OWN DUE DILIGENCES on every property whether your buying it yourself or helping out a friend.. If its going into your own LLC make sure you look at the numbers and make sure its a good deal…. NOT every deal is a good deal.

Michelle Pappe

Lori has opened up a whole new investing world to me! She has figured out how to buy REOs at the bulk price, and through her method we get this price for an individual house. We can pick and choose as we wish. At prices as low as $10-$15k, I can get it to cashflow immediately and sell in two years for a huge profit! She can even show you how to do it using other people’s money! -incredible! Anyone wanting to buy individual or multiple properties has to go to the REO expert-Lori!

Odell Barnes

I know investors who buy homes for cash and then resell them using seller-financing. It’s a great business when you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, well, you aren’t helping yourself or helping rebuild America. Lori Greymont coaches people new to the business of bulk REOs and seller-financing. She and her team have the skill and patience teach people how to succeed. I like her because she’s a down to earth person who gives great advice. The people in Lori’s program make smart decisions, get people into homes and make money. What’s not to like?

V. S.

Summit’s mentorship program has been an investment in education and “speed of execution”. The mentorship program has produced faster returns in the REO business. I have experienced little to no setbacks in the process due to the expert advice I am given. In the bulk REO business, it is what you don’t know that will cost you time and money. Through the mentorship program I’ve learned best practices and been given one-on-one coaching from Lori Greymont tailored to my specific needs. They’ve helped me assess a list, taught me how to price properties, make the sales pitch, create closing documents for financed sales, and avoid pitfalls. If you are looking for a book in the bookstore or your city library on the topic of buying and selling bulk REOs, it hasn’t been written as yet! This program provides what you need with pragmatic steps to follow. This program has been fulfilling and rewarding experience for my business. The value of this program is far beyond what I had anticipated. Thank you.

Anne Stedler

The training today was remarkable because it was so comprehensive, so well put together and it was really designed to equip us for success and preclude any kind of failure. There was a commitment to make sure that we really got high quality along with personal attention.

Bob Rinehart

Lori Greymont did a fantastic job and is a great presenter. I was really impressed. I so wish my partner and I had this training before we started – it would have had a HUGE impact on our business.

Janet Steen

Thank you for a highly informational workshop. Lori Greymont brought case studies, data, and systems together in a digestible format, and with great humor.

Dan Noble

I was blown away by the quality of Lori Greymont’s presentation and content in the bulk REO Workshop. For me and my company it was well worth what we paid and looking back, I’m sad we didn’t do it sooner.

John S., Tall Ventures LLC

Lori and the entire Summit group have been amazing from the get go. They’ve been incredibly helpful and patient each step of the way. It has been invaluable to have such a support system while building my business in the early stages. I would not be doing what I’m doing without them!

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