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Atlanta RE Market

Special- Leased & Ready To Close!

Summit Assets Group Presents:

174 Windemere Way Jonesboro, GA 30238

All Cash Price $77,900  (8.2% ROI)

Rehabbed and Leased – ready to close

This Single Family Home has 3 beds, 1.5 bath, approximately 1,201 square feet, and was built in 1972.  Homes for sale in the 30238 Zip code have an average price per square foot of $138 (which, for this house would be 1,201 x $138=$165,738)
Turnkey Flyer 174 W Windemere Way (cash only offer)


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Available First Come First Serve

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Before It’s Too Late!

Our Last Special Sold In Just 3 Days.

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Labor Day Special!

Summit Assets Group Presents

7709 Wright Circle, Jonesboro GA

Normal Turnkey Price $86,500

All Cash Special if closed by September 4th

$77,500 – Save $9,000!

Rehabbed and Leased – ready to close

Turnkey Flyer 7709 Wright Circle-SPECIAL-website

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Available First Come First Serve

Contact Dan Noble 408-268-9777

Before It’s Too Late!

Our Last Special Sold In Just 3 Days.

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July Special

Summit Assets Group Presents

174 W Windemere Way, Jonesboro GA

Normal Turnkey Price $78,700

All Cash July 4th Special if closed by July 8th

$73,700 – Save $5,000!

Rehabbed and Leased – ready to close

Windmere Flyer Info

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Available First Come First Serve

Contact Dan Noble 408-268-9777

Before It’s Too Late!

Our Last Special Sold In Just 3 Days.

Take Care,

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Atlanta Turnkey Property Virtual Tour – May 2013

Here is a highlight video of Summit Assets Group’s May 3-4th, 2013 Atlanta Investment Property Tour. Meet the Summit Assets Team and learn more about our property rehab process, and last but not least enjoy a benefit dinner to support a local homeless shelter in Atlanta, Georgia.

Would you like to learn more about our Atlanta Turnkey Properties or discuss whether turnkey investing can help you reach your passive income goals?  Give us a call and request a FREE Consultation at 888-298-0652.

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Inside The Atlanta Property Tour

I love traveling and I suppose I still do because I haven’t done a lot yet. It began on Wed. before the Saturday tour from Oakland CA. An uneventful on-time departure on Southwest, on to Vegas, a 1 hour delay, then pulling into the Atlanta airport (claimed the busiest in the world) and a 15′ wait on the taxis-way for a parking spot.

After baggage and car rental, my two traveling buddies with their iPhone’s got us to the Embassy Suites in downtown Atlanta. We hadn’t eaten dinner yet and it was late (for us about 8:30 pm) so dumped the bags & walked across this enormous park with several locked gates to a yellow sign we were pointed to by hotel staff – The Waffle House.

Sitting at the table with my chicken salad looking so good, it occurred to me that it was now about midnight and we would be getting up for an early morning buffet breakfast and 8 am team huddle with Lori. The amazing thing to me about The Waffle House was at that time of night/morning the place was clean and every one of those people serving us (5 in total) were very friendly and thorough.

Thursday, up at 6:30. I was just amazed looking out the hotel window to see the beautiful park we had walked through the night before – Centennial Park, 2.5 acres of beauty, cleanliness and memories of the 1996 Olympic games held here. All of the tall building (some over 100 stories I was told) that line this park add to its majesty.

After breakfast (YUM) and our meeting, this day was the tour review for 3 of our 7 person team that were there. The others were in prep mode. It was a beautiful day, warm in the mid 60’s, overcast & normal humidity, perfect to see the whole of Atlanta and 5 properties we had planned for the tour. As we drove to each property I was struck by the country like setting of the entire area once out of the downtown part of Atlanta. Every property we visited seemed as though it was in a rural area with large trees, big lots of 1/2 acres or more, and greenery everywhere. At one property, I heard a familiar sound – there were nearby train tracks and the sound of a passing train brought back memories of my teen years.

Having been in real estate since 1973, I’ve seen many properties, and these were not much different than most. Average size and all the way from just acquired (A total mess with trash & broken things everywhere) to sale ready, a finished condition of rehab that is a large step above rent ready. This is how Summit prepares each property. Walking into the completed property was like walking into a new home model, every details seemed attended to and just felt amazing for the property and location. The day ended with a client dinner meeting for Lori and I at a near-by upscale restaurant – simply amazing food.

atlantaFriday was our only free day so we took the opportunity about lunch time to take a guided Segway tour of all the historical significance of downtown Atlanta. It was on this tour (Segway’s are a blast – try it you’ll like it) that our tour guide shared and I became aware of the age, history and significance of this part of the country and the heritage of the South. Here is a short list of some of what we wheeled past & learned about:

o The new trolley system being worked on everywhere

o CNN building

o The Turner building and Ted’s Montana Grill

o Capital building

o The path & place of Martin Luther King

o Coke building

o Aquarium

o New football stadium being build

Saturday, tour day began again with and early morning meeting to review final details & make some last minute adjustments to the tour and logistics. The pre-tour group meeting began at 9 am where Lori reviewed our process, the opportunity Atlanta is, and the tour including how folks could buy what they were seeing on a unique first come first serve commitment form in the packets that all got.

By 11:30 we were on the bus, and yes as luck would have it some of the 50+ inches of rain Atlanta gets during the year came down steadily “all day long”. Conversations in the bus were plentiful among investors and team members while some with their smart phones, calculators, and paperwork were frantically doing their due diligence on each property to be prepared to submit their commitment. We spent an average of 15′ at each of 4 properties which again demonstrated every property condition from acquisition to complete for every one of the 14 investors to get a complete feel for our commitment to them. Box lunches were picked up fresh from a nearby deli just prior to leaving and we ate on the bus.

At 5:15 we arrived back at the hotel and shuffled everyone back into the meeting room complete logistics and paperwork for the property commitments we had received during the trip. All participated and watched contracts being written and a local lender discussing various lending options with the investors.

The evening ended with a celebration and charity dinner for all. The purpose was to donate $500 per property sold to City Ministries for the work they do in the area, providing homes and counseling for the homeless to return them as active members of the local culture. It was also an opportunity to notice the enormous positive impact that doing business in an area really does support in many ways not often thought of, the local economy. The food was amazing and service was astounding provided by Ruth’s Chris Steak House in the Embassy Suites.

All in all it was an inspiring trip for me and I can say, having spoken to all investors present, that there is a deep sense of understanding, commitment, and background one gets when participating in this kind of event. It adds depth to the investment experience but also reveals the heart, soul, and caring of Summit Assets Group in a way that many just won’t get until they are clients. I recommend this tour for all our clients and prospective clients to support their choice to build their holding, support Summit, and the Atlanta community.

Dan Noble
Director of Public Relations

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Lori’s Corner: Q&A – Is It Too Late To Invest In Atlanta?

One of the questions many investors ask me is “Is it too late to buy in Atlanta because the prices have gone up so fast?

While the prices have gone up and I suspect they will go up again this year, in my opinion it is not too late for a multitude of reasons. Some people even have fear that we are in another bubble, which is understandable with all the pain and carnage we just experienced. But an educated investor can look beyond the fear and realize an opportunity.

Here is how I analyze where we are in the real estate cycle. First, when we were in the last bubble, it wasn’t the lack of buyers that caused the bust, rather it was the lack of financing. People still wanted the homes, but the means to buy them changed. So, if we look at where we are at now, banks are not tightening the lending belt but actually are loosening it. This will allow more buyers to enter the market as both homeowners and investors.

The affordability of homes in the last bubble was the lowest affordability in nearly 30 years and now we are at the lowest affordability in the last 20 years. So, this means that it costs less to buy with the price of home and the cost of the money in the last 20 years. New home building has pretty much been on hold now for nearly 6 years and so the inventory of new homes is less than the demand.

Banks are not foreclosing as aggressively as they have in the past and are actually selling the defaulted notes to the institutional buyers rather than foreclose. The institutional buyers are then negotiating with the defaulted homeowners to keep them in the home in some form or fashion. In addition, these same institutional buyers are buying directly from the banks before the homes make it to market. So, nearly every market has seen a significant shortage of inventory.

This lack of inventory with the demand is doing what is normal, it is pushing prices up. This is a good thing since many owners who didn’t have an option out of their home except foreclosure can now go out on the market as a normal sale. People are still talking about the shadow inventory, but we really don’t have to fear a dump of inventory any time soon. If there is a change of REO’s being released to the market, it will be 9 – 12 months before they actually make it to the marketplace so this can be followed.

Lastly, if you look at the cost to rebuild a home in the Atlanta market, you will find that we are still buying well below the rebuild costs. This is one of the strongest indicators to me that the homes in Atlanta are still a great value. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding this, write me an email ( and let me hear from you. Don’t wait too long to make a decision to invest, as I mentioned in the beginning of this segment, I expect prices will go up again and some point the bargain rack of Atlanta will back to normal pricing!

Take Care,

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