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Real Estate Headlines

Wall Street Wakes Up And Targets The Buy-To-Rent Asset Class

wall street signWith the generous returns rental property ownership currently provides due to lower purchase prices after the Great Recession coupled with rising rents, Wall Street is waking up and jumping in the buy-to-rent game in a very big way.

Smart institutional money has bought over 120,000 properties in the past 2 years.  In addition, institutional investors are buying up regional turnkey and property management companies in the buy-to-rent industry.

wall street houseWhy is buy-to-rent a very hot topic for hedge funds, fund analysts, and investment media? It started when  marketing legend Warren Buffett and Stephen Schwarzman, CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder of Blackstone Group started buying tens of thousands of single-family rental properties. Since then, this asset class that was once predominantly owned by individual investors has attracted attention by the big boys on Wall Street.

Wall Street investment funds are pouring capital into rental properties, making real estate a mainstream asset. This has given credibility to an asset class that in the past has been treated casually by investment experts.

With it’s ability to generate dependable monthly income, potential appreciation, and very favorable tax treatment, rental real estate has the capacity to build portfolios faster than any other asset. Given the unique benefits of owning real estate as an investment, it’s actually surprising it has taken Wall Street this long to get on board.  Consider these facets of investing in rental property

  1. The investment is secured by a title filed with the local county recorder, and insured with title insurance for even more safety
  2. It is possible to leverage the investment 3 to 5 times the amount of the initial investment (or purchase deposit) by borrowing against the title
  3. The principal is insured against loss via property insurance
  4. Rental rates rise with inflation resulting in increased income over time when coupled with a fixed rate mortgage
  5. Rental income insurance can be used to guarantee rental income
  6. A professional property manager or turnkey investment company can provide sustained rental income and property maintenance with little oversight on the investors part
  7. Appreciation increases the value of the property/investment
  8. Rental income pays down the mortgage, providing additional returns

When looking at traditional investment asset classes such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, etc. none come close to having these advantages. With real estate you can insure your capital, your interest, and your income. Try doing that with your stocks and bonds!

Summit Assets Group has a small number of turnkey properties available in strong rental markets, providing dependable, no-hassle monthly cash flow for real estate investors.  Call us at 888-298-0652 to discuss available properties or send us a message online 24/7.

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5 Signs We’re Not in A Real Estate Bubble

Housing Market TroublesIf you’re following real estate headlines, you might be getting worried we’re entering another real estate bubble. Here are some of the headlines I’ve run across recently, “Signs of new housing bubble in several areas”, “Wall Street Buying Adds To Housing Boom. Is A New Bubble On The Way?”, “From Brooklyn to California, Housing Bubble Threat Grows”, “Warnings of the Next Housing Bubble Have Already Started”, “The Housing Bubble Goes Mainstream”.

These headlines can be very disconcerting to real estate investors, especially with wounds from the previous bubble still very fresh. But if we take a close look at some of the claims made by housing market bears here’s what the cold hard facts will tell us.

1.Homebuilding Stocks Too Far, Too Fast?

The S&P 1500 Homebuilder group hit a low in August 2011, since then it is up 170%. In the short-term these stocks have had a meteoric rise, but it is still down a whopping 55% from the high reached in 2005.

Bubble Concerns Warranted: NO

2. Peak Homebuilding and Sales Activity?

The most recent data from January 2013 shows single-family housing starts are about 65% below the peak hit during the boom. And if you look at long-term averages since 1962, they are roughly 40% below this average. If we look at existing home sales, the current levels are about 30% below peak levels.

Bubble Concerns Warranted: NO

3. Residential Fixed Investment (RFI)

In Q4 of 2012 RFI turned positive adding 0.4% to GDP growth after being negative since 2005. But again if we look at the long-term average since 1995, RFI needs to increase another 40% just to hit the average.

Bubble Concerns Warranted: NO

4. Less Distressed

Foreclosures and short sales are an important component when evaluating the health of the real estate market. What does the data tell us? According to RealtyTrac, notices of defaults, scheduled auctions, bank repossessions and other filings fell 28% in the past year.and new foreclosure filings are at their lowest levels since June of 2006. However, foreclosure filings are about twice the pace they were in 2005.

Bubble Concerns Warranted: NO

5. No More Negative Equity For You

Now that housing prices are rising again in most areas, nearly 2 million homeowners have been freed from negative equity over the last year says Zillow. But with the number of homeowners underwater at 13.8 million there should be more than enough room for the real estate recovery to continue.

Bubble Concerns Warranted: NO

So there you have it. Looking at the cold hard facts indicates the housing rebound is entrenched at this point, but there should be plenty of room for it to run.

Read the full article “10 Signs We’re Not in Another Real Estate Bubble (Part 1)” by Louis Basenese here.

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The Financial Community On Real Estate Investing

It’s pretty clear the real estate community is bullish on real estate and the indicators are all very positive, but what are financial analysts saying about investing in real estate?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud is the editor of True Wealth, which claims to be one of the top 5 financial newsletters in the world. He has a knack for finding investments as they are about to take off. His investing philosophy is very simple really. Buy assets of great value when no one else wants them, and sell them when others will pay any price.

He looks for 3 things to get into an investment.

1. He wants the investment to be cheap because you can make the most money when you get in at a very good price

2. He wants the investment to be hated by everyone else. Once an investment idea becomes popular the easy money has already been made. He wants to always get in before the crowd.

3. He wants the investment to be in the early stages of an upswing. It’s too dangerous to chase an investment on the way down, so he patiently waits until it starts it’s upswing and then gets in quick.

Dr. Sjuggerud first recommended gold in 2002 when it was $250 an ounce. If you bought gold back then your family and friends thought you were crazy. No body had made money on gold in a very long time. In fact, many people still had investment wounds from investing in gold in the 1980’s. Today gold is over $1700 an ounce so investors that followed his advice have made a very nice profit.

Early this year Dr. Sjuggerud had this to say about investing in real estate:

This moment is the greatest opportunity ever to be an American home buyer. It is the best moment in history. We may never see opportunity this great in our lifetimes.

The best deals are passing you by at this very second.

It is possibly the greatest investing opportunity in American history…

The opportunity for the really great deal is just about to end.

Single-family home prices will soar higher than anyone can imagine in the next couple years.

I believe we have the most awesome opportunity in American history in single-family homes – right now. Do your best to take advantage of it…

He has written about real estate investing not just once this year, but many times. You can read a few of the full articles here:

This is The Moment I Live For As An Investor

The Greatest Opportunity Ever Is Just About To Pass You By

The Most Awesome Opportunity In American History Just Arrived

And Steve is not the only advisor that sees the incredible opportunity in real estate. Chris Mayer is the editor of Capital and Crisis. Chris has been quoted over a dozen times by MarketWatch, and has spoken on Forbes on Fox. He has also spoken on CNN Radio, and has made multiple CNBC appearances. Chris travels the world looking for the absolute best deals. You can read his thoughts on real estate here:

The Best Value Play in America

If you would like to get in now while the upswing has just started and the most gains are to be made, call us at 888-298-0652 to learn more about our hassle-free turnkey properties in high cash flow areas of the country or request more information here.

Happy Investing!

PS – Would you like to see a virtual tour of some of our investment properties? View footage of our recent cash flow property tour event.



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Real Estate Headlines – September 2012

Here are just a few real estate and mortgage related headlines from September:

Five Questions: Why Home Prices Are Rising – Wall Street Journal Blog – September 25, 2012

Rising Home Prices Brighten Economic Outlook – Wall Street Journal Blog – September 25, 2012

U.S. Home Prices Make Biggest Jump In 6 Years – LA Times – September 4, 2012

Mortgage interest rates hover near all-time lows, but window of opportunity won’t last forever – LA Times – September 14, 2012

Housing starts and existing home sales both rose in August – LA Times – September 19, 2012

Home prices in largest cities up 1.6% in July, Case-Shiller says – LA Times – September 25, 2012

Housing Market Displays New Vigor as Prices Rise – Wall Street Journal  – September 25, 2012 (subscription required)

Housing Market Leaps 42 Percent Back to Normal – Huffington Post – September 25, 2012

Mortgage rates are at historic lows; 30-year fixed-rate average matches all-time low at 3.49 percent – Washington Post – September 5, 2012

How low can mortgage rates go? – Washington Post – September 20, 2012


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