The big big news in the banking, mortgage, and real estate industries last week was the announcement of a $25 billion settlement with banks over foreclosure abuses. As additional banks participate in the settlement, the total pot may grow to a staggering $54 billion. The settlement adds to a series of recently expanded government steps to protect consumers and encourage lenders to refinance homes and modify payment terms for homeowners facing foreclosure.

In the settlement, participating banks agreed to help homeowners with principal reductions or short sales. For example, California homeowners, with the highest number of properties in the foreclosure pipeline, will receive $12 billion, and Florida homeowners will receive $7.6 billion.

Short-term there may be a wave of new foreclosures due to the backlog that should have happened last year. As an investor this is an excellent time to build a strong portfolio of undervalued properties and benefit from both high cash flow and strong appreciation as the recovery continues.

Long-term this settlement is excellent news. The big dark cloud that has been hovering over the real estate market for over a year is dissipating. Demand for homes is improving and the 6 year slide in home prices could be all but over as the market stabilization that started in 2011 is poised to continue.

Private equity funds such as Oaktree Capital Management LP are planning to buy billions in foreclosed homes to manage as rentals. They see a scenario in which prices have over corrected on the low end and rental demand is strong, the perfect scenario for investing and maximizing returns with minimal risk.

Bottom line, this settlement can be good news for you in the form of a principal reduction, loan modification, or short-sale if your home is currently under water. And if you are a real estate investor, this settlement is even better news as it positions the real estate industry for a healthy recovery sooner rather than later.

Read the entire Bloomberg News story here

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