Our featured guest this week is Cory Monroe,  Founder and president of NeWave Construction.  Cory will be talking about looking for and finding the potential of a home, as well as the common mistakes clients make in chasing that potential.  He will also be giving tips on setting your budget when building or remodeling your home.

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Cory Monroe

NeWave 130Cory Monroe is founder and president of NeWave Construction Inc. Cory is an experienced construction executive, who has nearly 15 years of experience in the construction industry ranging from construction management and design-build to new construction and renovations. He founded NeWave Construction in 2007 with the goal creating a full-service residential and commercial construction company that provides value, quality, and creative solutions to clients via a unique design-build program. Cory has led the company through more than seven years of steady growth with annual sales increasing from $200,000 more than $1 million in 2013. Cory is a licensed contractor who was born and raised in Southern California. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his son, as well as saltwater fishing, motorcycle riding, and camping.

About NeWave Construction

Founded in 2007, NeWave Construction Inc. is a full-service residential and commercial construction company that has successfully operated in Southern California for more than seven years, completing more than 1,200 small- and large-scale projects. The company is based in Costa Mesa, and is licensed, full-service residential and commercial construction company with a dedicated team providing value, quality, and creative solutions to clients via its unique design-build program. Services include architectural design; residential and light commercial remodel and new construction; foundations; survey well monuments; HOA construction services; and commercial and residential property management construction services. The company has a staff of seven and also works closely with 15 subcontracted workers (excluding subcontracting companies). For more information visit

Contact Cory:

for more information visit www.newaveconstruction.com


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