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Real Estate 360 Radio: December 04, 2014 – Charlie With Ray Bartle

One of the hottest investment markets in 2015 is projected to be the St Louis and Kansas City areas. We have worked with hedge fund buyers in these markets for over 2 years now and with the influx of investment dollars into infrastructure and commercial/retail space, particularly in the downtown St Louis area, this market was ripe for investors into the single family home market.

Because of the unfortunate recent events in the Ferguson area, many have asked us what the impact on the housing market might be? One lender actually pulled out of this market temporarily.

Charlie Castro interviews Ray Bartle, a local broker and investor in the St Louis market. Ray works with both the small individual buyer as well as the larger hedge funds in this market.

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About Ray Bartle

Ray Bartle is a full-time real estate broker/owner of a small family owned brokerage and real estate investment firm in the Greater St Louis Area. He is a Private Real Estate Investor, investing in single family and multifamily properties in the St Louis and surrounding area.  His company is name Ray Bartle Realty and Investments whose website is:

Being a real estate investor himself, Ray is uniquely qualified in providing his clients the experience of a Broker who is actually an investor himself with many years of real estate investment experience.  This experience provides his customers the knowledge they require in purchasing real estate properties that are right for them.

He is focused on providing investment properties for hedge and private equity funds, turnkey properties for Self Directed IRA customers, along with other commercial and residential properties.  He works with both first time investors and the seasoned professionals.

Ray and his family reside in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.  His business is a family owned local company concerned about the communities he serves.  The family business includes his wife Sharron, daughter Amy and Son Adam.  We believe in treating each person we work with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

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Real Estate 360 Radio: October 30, 2014 – Charlie With Justin Harrison

Charlie interview Justin Harrison of Buy Direct Birmingham.

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About Justin Harrison

Coming soon…

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Real Estate 360 Radio: October 23, 2014 – Charlie With Ryan Pullman

Charlie interviews Ryan Pullman, president of BuyPD.

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About Ryan Pullman and BuyPD

BuyPD provides turnkey, rental real estate to investors around the world. We focus on emerging markets hit hard by the recession and are not yet in recovery. Additionally, we provide other real estate related services that complement our core offering, such as private lending, corporation/entity setup, tax liens, trust deeds, and residential, improved building lots.

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Real Estate 360 Radio: October 16, 2014 – Charlie with Dan Noble

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About Dan Noble

pictureDan graduated from San Jose State University in the early 70’s and sold real estate for 10 years and quickly became a top performer. During that period he participated in several investment groups as well as owning 6 of his own properties. The decade of the 70’s was dominated by personal and financial development, a difficult undertaking that would later prove invaluable for his growing family.

In 1982, Dan’s focus turned to financing, the economy and helping the average person build wealth. He has created, built, and lost or sold, 5 companies, property, and personal wealth. Today he currently owns directly or in partnership several investment properties. From all this came the personal development and commitment as a student and teacher that his many satisfied long time customers and coaching clients benefit from today and every day.

Dan is a believer in strong friend and family, personal and business structures. His personal time is spent vacationing, going to movies, internet research & study, and just spending quality time at home or at events with Eileen, his wife of 39 years. Their 3 adult children, 3 grandchildren, in-laws, and large extended family are high on their list of activities, in fact a decade’s long tradition of having family dinners every 2 weeks is still rewarding for all, and yes all 3 kids and their kids come.

Contact Dan:

listeners can reach Dan via email at  or by phone at (408) 268-9777

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Real Estate 360 Radio: October 9, 2014 – Charlie Castro With Julie Harrison

Our featured guest this week is Julie Harrison, a licensed and bonded Mississippi building contractor. She has been designing and building custom homes for 20 years. A full time investor, Julie buys, sells and manages real estate investment properties. In 2013 she was recognized as one of the Top 10 Business Women in Mississippi by the Mississippi Business Journal.

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About Julie Harrison

Julie Harrison

  • Licensed and bonded Mississippi Building Contractor.
  • Designed and built custom homes for 20 years.
  • Full time investor, buys, sells and manages real estate investment properties .
  • Expert in accessing potential purchases and estimating expenses involved in rehab properties.
  • Locate, analyze and negotiate the best deals on the most profitable properties for the investor.
  • Committed to providing excellent service and a simple honest business plan.
  • President of Jackson Real Estate Investors 2010, serve on Board 2014
  • Recognized in 2013 as one of the Top 10 Business Women in Mississippi by the Mississippi
  • Business Journal

    Recognized by Jackson Free Press in 2014 as one of the Jackson Women Power Players
    Cell-601-291-0689  P. O. Box 509,Ridgeland, Ms 39158

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Real Estate 360 Radio: Oct 2, 2014 – Security National Mortgage – Jason Gautreau and Mike Sorenson

Host Charlie Castro interviews Jason Gautreau and Mike Sorenson from Security National Mortgage on non-recourse lending.

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