We believe in seller financing.  It is the ONLY positive solution on the horizon for homeownership. Banks aren’t lending.  Unless a family needs a loan greater than $60,000, no lending institution will touch them. Meanwhile many, many, sub-$60k homes are on the market or sit vacant.  Thousands of individuals and small business have stepped in to fill the void.  They are willing to put up their own money to finance home purchases.  HR 4173 restricts the number of properties a seller may finance to only one property every 3 years!

What to do?  There is time to amend this legislation. There are two proposed modifications to the bill that can make a difference, but only if your congressional representatives vote for them.  Please contact your representatives today and request that they eliminate Sec. 1073 and Sec.1074 from HR 4173.  This bill is up for vote.  Time is of the essence.  Please act today.

For more information, download the HR_4173_Fact_Sheet prepared by the National Association to Protect Private Property Rights, or use the HR_4173_-_Sample_Letter as a basis for your own communication to your representatives.