Bruce McClure, RHI, ACI, has been in the home inspection business for over 15 years and wants prospective homebuyers to know that not all home inspections are created equal. The industry is currently being plagued by corruption, with realtors running the show – rewarding lazy inspectors and blacklisting the good ones. McClure is determined to inform and protect the public, and hopes to eventually change the industry altogether.

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Bruce McClure, RHI/ ACIBruce McClure RHI/ACI has been a custom homebuilder, licensed realtor, and overall entrepreneur for many years. He’s been a professional home inspector since 1998 and a college-level educator of future home inspectors since 2003. McClure began his working career in professional association management (Board of Trade/Chamber of Commerce). Websites:


For more information about the world of home inspections, pick up a copy of Bruce’s book, Buy or Run, which is available on